I have to admit that when I first heard of this technique, I thought “What – no way! That’s impossible”… but I was intrigued and learned it from a colleague in Texas who has had wonderful success with it.

We’ve all been told that allergies are allergies. They may appear and disappear for some, but we have been led to believe that we just have to live with them, taking drugs to suppress the symptoms, but walking around in an anti-histamine induced stupor or unable to eat foods we like.

BUT… when you think about it, pollen or cat dander or dust are NOT cold viruses or pathogens and there is no reason why we should have a histaminic (sneezing/congestion/runny nose/itchy eyes) response to them.

Peanuts, strawberries, fish, seafood, etc. are NOT dangerous to our bodies. Often food allergies appear if we are eating something when we get bad news are or are suddenly very upset (although you may not consciously remember the connection). For example, a client developed a food allergy to pineapple after her husband told her he wanted a divorce – and she had pineapple in her mouth at the time. Our unconscious mind tries to find something in a traumatic situation so it can protect us from it in the future.

Here is the explanation:

  • Your immune system has made a mistake, reacting erroneously to a particle or food that is NOT dangerous to the body
  • Your immune system is controlled by your unconscious mind
  • We can communicate with your unconscious mind with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and CORRECT the MISTAKE!

This technique is most effective if you know the specific allergen, but can work with general allergies such as pollen.

This is ONE SESSION lasting about 45 minutes and is 80-90% successful!

– have an allergy to cats or dogs but need drugs to live with them.
– love being outdoors but are miserable during pollen or ragweed season
– suffer with a mold allergy
– have a food allergy (not life threatening) that keeps you from eating food that you like


Get a new lease on life!

Get rid of that allergy! Drug free, holistic and the allergy will be GONE.

Cat allergy, allergy to dog hair, allergy to dust, allergy to mold. hay fever all may respond to this NLP technique.