Pain Relief

                                                            Janet Burgoon, Certified Practitioner

Do you want to be free from old, lingering pain?

Arthritis, joint pain, sciatica, old injuries, back pain, Fibromyalgia, migraines…

What if there is a simple, natural way to reduce or remove those old pain messages?

I am a certified Practitioner in the OldPain2Go® methodology and would love to share this often miraculous process with you.

It is non-invasive, non-surgical, free from side effects and completely drug-free.

 OldPain2Go® – helps remove or reduce the pain that no longer serves you.  It communicates with the part of the brain that sends pain signals.  It can provide safe, effective pain reduction or relief.

And… it works for most chronic/old pain.

Having a prescription is a good indication that it’s OK for that level of pain to go. Once the body has healed, the pain messages are no longer useful. Prescriptions, if they work, only mask the symptoms or dull the pain.

The longer you’ve had the pain the more likely it is an old, redundant pain message from your mind that no longer serves a purpose.

It may sound too simple to be true, but it is based on the latest understandings in the mind body connection and neuroscientific research.

Pain is complex and doesn’t always relate just to cell damage. It also can be related to your circumstances, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, etc. It can be caused by a neurological connection to an old trauma, either physical or emotional.

Who would want to experience an OldPain2Go® session?

Have you been diagnosed by a medical professional and either prescribed or been advised to take pain relief medication?

Have you been told that nothing else can be done medically except for your doctor to prescribe pain relief or recommend surgery? Did you know that pain goes beyond simply being a measure of tissue damage?

OldPain2Go® works on any pain, regardless of its original cause.

How it works

The OldPain2Go® Methodology involves activating the body’s ability to heal itself through communication with the unconscious mind, which controls how pain signals are sent from the brain to the body through neural pathways. This methodology is based upon the latest in scientific knowledge. No trance or induction into a hypnotic state is required, and typically only one session is needed.

Also, you do not need to believe it will work to be successful in reducing or eliminating your pain!

OldPain2Go® sessions are available with me online via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or in person at my office in Exton, PA.

Please watch this video on the role of the brain in your pain:

To learn more about the OldPain2Go® Methodology, please visit the OldPain2Go website.

Please note: this technique does not take the place of medical advice, and individual results will vary.