Stop “shoulding” on yourself!

Most of us don’t realize how powerfully our word choices affect our attitudes, motivations and behaviors.
Here’s a really simple way to get more internal cooperation in reaching your goals.
How do you react when someone tells you that “You should… (fill in the blank)? Although you may not be consciously aware of it, for most of us those 2 words put up a wall of resistance. Even if the advice is good, part of you digs in its heels to protest the “order”.
To demonstrate this for yourself, say to yourself ” I SHOULD… eat healthier, exercise more…any one of your “shoulds” and check in with how that feels to you. Really take the time to be aware of the internal reaction. For contrast, say ” I like the idea of… eating healthier, exercising more…” Notice how your body responds differently to the new wording. Now there’s choice! It feels better, doesn’t it?
So… if there’s something you want to change, instead of “shoulding” on yourself, change it to “I like the idea of…”, or “I choose to because… and I’ll be curious if you might find that you’re doing more of what you want to once the internal resistance is gone. We all like to feel that we have choice.

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