Virtual Gastric Band

As seen on Dr OZ – the Gastric Hypnotic Band

The Virtual Gastric Band or Gastric Band Hypnosis is a procedure that is a safe and proven alternative to weight loss surgery. All the benefits of a Surgical Lap Band without the costs or risks of surgery!

The virtual gastric band is based on the idea of the surgical gastric band, only we use the power of your imagination and unconscious mind to shrink the size of your stomach (something you can’t do at a conscious level, which is what you’re trying to do with using will power).

UNLIKE weight loss surgery the Virtual Gastric Band or Gastric Hypnotic Band Procedure is available to anyone who wants to achieve lasting weight loss regardless of whether or not they’re candidates for weight-loss surgery.

If you’ve tried other weight loss programs without success then this may just be the program for you, and I have the credentials and experience to help you.

This is NOT another diet program – the program changes how you eat, not what you eat. We address the emotional reasons you self-sabotage yourself with food. There is no calorie counting and no expensive food or shake plan to purchase. You will naturally begin to make healthier food choices and be satisfied on less food at meal times. My clients are amazed that they don’t feel deprived and surprise themselves at how easy it is to resist their “temptations” and make healthier choices.

I am Trained and Certified in the Virtual Gastric Band Procedure by Sheila Granger, the U.K. Hypnotherapist who developed the VGB procedure. Sheila took time out of her busy schedule to train and certify just 20 hypnotists in her original Virtual Gastric Band method in the U.S. in late 2010.

The training took place in NYC and I was one of the hypnotherapists who was trained and certified in her procedure at that time. Sheila’s clinical trials in the UK proved 95% successful and I am having the same results.

In 2011 the success of the Virtual gastric Band procedure has been featured on major networks news programs and offered in many more locations by hypnotherapists in the U.S, but I remain one of the few offering the program in the Philadelphia Area.

Call me if you’d like to see if this Hypnotic Gastric Band program is for you.

Paul McKenna talks about Hypnosis for Weight Loss on Dr Oz.

Listen to testimonials from my trainer Sheila’s clients… (my clients have the same amazing success – I just haven’t filmed the testimonials).
You can read some of my client testimonials on my Testimonials page.

Hypnotherapy is included in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK as part of its complementary and alternative medicines for obesity. Because IT WORKS SO WELL!